Vanamala Center focuses on teaching Karnatak Vocal Music and Musicology.


We offer General Yoga classes as well as specialized Yoga Therapy classes

Vanamala Center for Art and Culture (formerly known as Vanamala Art Foundation) is a unique organization whose aim is to propagate all forms of Indian Art and Culture. Tucked away in southern end of Bangalore, Vanamala Center for Art and Culture offers various services such as classes in Karnatak music and yoga along with seminars on forms of art such as Theater, Dance, Visual arts, Temple architecture, philosophy amongst others. It also houses a library which can be utilized by students and enthusiasts of Indian art. Apart from the literary aspects, it has also produced documentaries, published books and audio cds under its banner. The Center aims to raise awareness across all forms of Indian art and has partnered with various personalities and organizations to achieve the same. Read more