Dr. A Pranesh is a practicing general physician by profession. Post serving as a Medical Officer in National Aerospace Laboratories for over 2 decades, he presently practices on his own in Bangalore.

Dr. Praneshs’ hobby includes wildlife photography and has travelled to most of the National Parks in the country. As an amateur wildlife photographer he has contributed his pictures to various magazines as well as calendars and also won several photo-contests at a National Level.

He is also an ardent traveller and has visited a number of destinations that include pilgrimage, tourist hot-spots as well as exotic locations. Apart from these activities, he pursues a study of philosophy as well as spirituality on personal interest.

Excerpts from the Lecture
Dr. A Pranesh gave a presentation on The Road to Kailash and Manas sarovar- A Travelogue, during the May program of Vanamala Center for Art and Culture. The presentation was all about a two week trip, to the abode of Shiva- Kailash from Katmandu, Nepal. The lecture included pictures of Mount Everest, Gowrishankara Peak, the Himalayan Ranges, Manasa Sarovar, Mount Kailash and Mukthinath.

With a brief history of Manasa Sarovar and Mount Kailash with their philosophical importance, Pranesh spoke in detail, on how to go about planning for trip, logistics, costs as well as the acclimatization and physical endurance needed. He also gave the trekking guidelines for Parikrama or circumbulation around Mount Kailash. The sceneries photographed by Pranesh were captivating and the lecture was very informative and indeed a virtual journey of Kailash and Manasa Sarovar.