Human beings are bestowed with six subtle chakras and Kundalini shakti which is found coiled at the base. There are several ways of raising this shakti found in humans. Dr Padmaja would indicate how yogic sadhanas, dance prayogas, basic postures of Bharatanatyam open up the body chakras, and enhance the flow of energy. She would demonstrate the unification of Shiva and Shakti as depicted in Tandava and Sukumara Nritya; And also how purusha and prakruti is merged according to Tantra shastra, which depicts the most popular Ardhanarishwara form of Shiva. All these are more of subtle nature, which are difficult to understand but Dr. Padmaja Suresh would be demonstrating these aspects through audio visual presentation

Dr Padmaja Suresh is a renowned Bharatanatyam dancer, teacher, researcher, social worker and choreographer, She hails from a family of artists and has been trained by prominent Gurus in dance and music. She is the disciple of Kalaimamani Guru K. Kalyanasundaram. A doctorate from Mysore University, Padmaja is imparting knowledge of dance through her institution – Atmalaya. She also teaches to lesser privileged and rural children. Dr Padmaja has performed at major dance festivals throughout the country like Konark, Khajuraho, Hampi, Dusserah, Uday Shankar Mahotsav etc.

She visited to many countries as a cultural ambassador delegated by the ICCR. Padmaja has penned articles in news papers and journals. Some of the Titles and Awards include Karamveer Chakra, Rex Global Fellow, Bharatakala Sreshtha, Nartana Nipuna, Singara Mani, Kiran Achiever for National Women’s Excellence, Inspired Indian and Extraordinary Citizen of the city.