Vanamala Center for Art and Culture presented Sri Chakra Darshana – The Journey So Far to celebrate the documentary Sri Chakra Darshana being selected for International Online Film Festival- Spirit enlightened hosted by Culture Unplugged. This was arranged at Manorama Hall, Indian Institute of World Culture, Basavanagudi Bangalore on 18th January 2014

Sri Chakra Darshana is a documentary, which aims at explaining the intricate relationship between the Sri chakra and Sri Muthuswamy Dikshitar’s Kamalamba Navavarana Kritis. It invites its viewer on a spiritual journey by offering a tour of the Sri Chakra, through music as a vehicle.

Sri Chakra is a matrix of nine enclosures juxtaposed one upon another. It has a square, lotus petals, triangles, and a bindu or point, each denoting a deity and Maha Tripura Sundari residing in the bindu. The documentary also features some of the many Shakti peetas which are spread across the sub continent.

Sri Muthuswamy Dikshitar of 18th century was a great Composer of Karnatak music, a Philosopher and Sri Vidya practitioner. He composed Kamalamba Navavarana kritis on each of the nine enclosures, after perceiving the deities in his trance. These kritis which are in the principles of Sri Chakra worship, when rendered in their original form, can lead a person to an experience of bliss.

The documentary showcases the union of music and spirituality by presenting the kritis in their original form and a commentary which explains them along with the Sri chakra.

Sri Katte Ramachandra the technical director of the documentary, Karnatak Musician and Musicologist vidushi M S Vidya, H R professional Smt Kavitha Nandakishore were the speakers of the day. Dr Meera Rajaram Pranesh the Co Script writer and Director shared her experiences she went through during making of the film. She also thanked the co-sponsors, musicians and technicians team for making the documentary successful.

Among the dignitaries Prof. R L Kashyap, Vidushi Prof. T Sharada, Vidushi Sudha V Murthy, Vidushi Rohini Manjunath, Prof. B M Jayashree, Dr S N Susheela, Dr Uma Gopalaswamy, Dr Gayathri Rajapur Cassebaum, Natya Vidushi B K Vasasanthalakshmi, Dr Anasuya kulkarni, Vidushi Usha Ramamurthy, Vidushi Rupa Sridhar and connoisseurs were present.