Prayers go up and blessings come down

Each Yuga prescribes certain things to get blessings of Lord or Bhagavan. In Krta yuga or Satya Yuga, more emphasis was given to Dhyana alone. In Treta Yuga, all Vaidika karmas like Yajnas were emphasized. In Dvapara Yuga, Pujas and Archanas were prescribed. In fact, Dhyana is more difficult than Yajna and Yajna is more difficult than Archana as it involves Niyamas and Nishedhas. But in Kali Yuga, one can gain the same result of all the three Sadhanas just by doing one Sadhana alone and that is praising and singing the glory of Lord or Bhagavan.

Praising of immortal Bhagavan alone is prescribed in our scriptures, as praising anyone other than Bhagavan is subjected to Shadvikaras- Jayate (birth), Asti (exists), Vardhate (growth), VipariNamate (undergoes modification), Apakshiyate (declines) and Vinashyati (death).

One who has strength or bala, is known as Balavan. The one who has quality or Guna, is known as Gunavan. One who has wealth or Dhana is known as Dhanavan. Similarly, one who has Bhaga is called Bhagavan. The word Bhaga is traditionally understood as six-fold virtues in absolute measure. They are Jnana- all knowledge, Vairagya- total dispassion, Virya- all power, Yashas- all fame, Sri- all wealth.

So Bhagavan is everything and praising and singing about the glory of that lord is sure to bestow whatever is wished for.