Vanamala center for art and culture recently launched two books.  The event took place at Atithyam hotel on 10- Oct-2018.

One book namely “Namma Preetiya Vidushi Sharada”, is a biography and collection of writings about Karnataka Kalashree Prof. T Sharada. The second book namely, “Kannada Suladigalu” is on Suladi of Haridasas written by Dr. Meera Rajaram Pranesh under the guidance of Prof. T Sharada. A DVD was released along with the book on Suladi of Haridasas.

Suladi can be broken down as “Sulabada haadi”, an easy way to reach the almighty.  The Suladis were composed by Haridasas as a tribute and calling out to Lord Hari. The speciality of these compositions are that a given Suladi will have a single raaga but multiple talas – generally seven.

The agenda behind the making of this DVD and book is to make sure that the Suladis do not go extinct and that they reach the common masses. The rendering of Suladis has been done by Madhuvanthi, Shivashankari, Vasudha, Ananya, Charumathi, Karthik, Navya, Apoorva, Soumya, Bhavya, Shubha, Manasa, all students of Dr Meera Rajaram Pranesh.

The guests of honour on this occasion were Dr K R Venugopal, vice chancellor, Bangalore University, Sri N S Krishnamurthy, former Director AIR , Karnataka Kalashree Prof. T Sharada and Dr. R. L. Kashyap. The occasion was also graced by Prof. Mysore V Subramanya, Vid. Rupa Sridhar and Vid. Anasuya Kulkarni. 

The evening was hosted by Dr. Meera Rajaram Pranesh, the founder of Vanamala centre for art and culture. Dr. Meera Rajaram’s guru and peers Vid. Sudha, Vid. Rohini and Vid. Vijayalakshmi were present to support her.

The lovely evening began by invoking lord Ganesha in the song “Gam Ganapathe” tuned to the beautiful Hamsadhawni Raaga followed by a ear soothing Veena recital by disciples of Prof. T Sharada. 

The disciples of Dr. Meera Rajaram Pranesh soulfully rendered the Suladi – “Achyutananta”, which is set to the raaga Kashiramakriya written by Sri Purandara dasa. The audience was mesmerized by the Bhakti, Bhaava and the expertise showcased during the rendition.

This was followed by the lighting of the lamp and launch of the books and the DVD by the guests of honour.

The books and the DVD were distributed by Prof. T Sharada to the students who have sung the extremely difficult Suladis with such ease and grace in the DVD.

The dignitaries on stage marveled at the dedication for propagation of the Suladis and expressed their love and happiness towards Dr. Meera Rajaram Pranesh and the students who have put in more than hundred percent efforts to make the book and the DVD easily understandable and pleasing.

The magical evening ended with some delicious dinner. It is an understatement to say that the event was a grand success. I feel lucky to have been a part of this wonderful milestone!

-Bhagavathi Nagendra

Achyutānanta- Rāga Kāśīrāmakriya- Purandara Dāsas Suladi presented by the Disciples of Dr. Meera Rajaram Pranesh during the DVD release function.

The DVD is available for sale, here are the details :

Kannada Suḷādis of Haridasas

Suḷādi is a musical form of Karnataka music composed by Haridasas. These are structured in a very scholarly manner and are set to simple melodies. The lyrics are embedded with philosophical principles and they are set to various familiar and rare talas.

Tandeyāgi- Rāga Bhūpāla- Vyāsarāyaru

Hari naḍeyadiralu- Rāga Nāṭa- Purandara Dāsaru                                                                                        

Maṇimouḷimalle- Rāga Gouḷa- Purandara Dāsaru                                                                                        

Tāyi lakṣumi- Rāga Varāḷi- Purandara Dāsaru                                                                                        

Hasugaḷa kareva dhwani- Rāga Dēvagāndhāri- Purandara Dāsaru                                                                                        

Achyutānanta- Rāga Kāśīrāmakriya- Purandara Dāsaru                                                                                        

Guidance: Prof. T Sharada (Tirumalai Sisters)

Direction: Dr Meera Rajaram Pranesh

Vocal: Ananya Bhagath, Apoorvalakshmi P V, Bhavya H S, Charumathy Nagarajan, Karthik Ganesh, M.A. Madhuvanthi, Manasa Girish, Navya Nagara, Shubha Srikanth, Sowmya D R, Shivashankari J, Vasudha Prahlad

Tambura: Sandhya Ram

Camera:   Vishwas

Video Edit:  Suhas K

Price: Rs. 250/

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