Hole Anjaneya temple located on the banks of river Shimsha, in Maddur town of Mandya district, Karnataka. Maddur is about 80 kms from Bangalore. While driving from Bangalore, one has to take a left deviation from the highway. This road goes to Maddur town. Just 10 meters from this deviation, take a left turn. There is a sign board showing way to Hole Anjaneya temple. Taking a left turn there, and driving for 3 kms, the temple is seen. 
The huge idol of lord Anjaneya was installed by Sripadarajaru and Sri Vadirajaru about 550 years ago. Two fingers of the idol are very long and they hold Sougandika flower. Anjaneya’s head is adorned with sun and moon and the tail has bells. It is believed that the idol grows half an inch every year. 
There is also a shrine for lord Srinivasa called Sri Varaprada Srinivasa installed with with Sridevi and Bhudevi. 

Lord Anjaneya the other name of Hanuman is believed to fulfill the wishes of his devotees effortlessly. All that one has to do is to hold a rupee and 25 paise coin in their hand and pray him to grant their wishes and keep the coin on the lord’s feet. In a short period, the devotee’s wishes would be fulfilled. 
Steps are provided to reach the river Shimsha, from the temple complex. A small idol of Hanuman is placed under a big tree in front of the temple before the steps. 
The temple is in serene surrounding and is worth a visit. 
Coordinates: 12°35’29” N 77°3’30” E