Kshanambika Devi Sri Chakra Temple is located in Srirangapattana town in Mandya district of Karnataka. Srirangapattana one of the oldest and the previous capital of Wodeyar rulers is situated about 125kms from Bangalore and 20 kms from Mysore.

While driving from Bangalore, on reaching Srirangapattana, we find a circle. Take the Bandikeri road which turns right in that circle and reach the town. After driving for 200 meters from the circle, we hit an old fort entry. One has to drive through the gate and drive for 50 meters to find a Mosque called Jumma Masjid on the right side. Hardly 10 meters from the Mosque, on the left side there is a small inconspicuous gate fortunately having a board depicting Kshanambika Devi temple.

After entering the gate of the temple, one would be surprised to see a huge temple quadrangle and on the right hand side, there stands the main temple of Kshanambika Sri Chakra Devi.

Adjacent to Kshanambika temple is the shrine of Sri Dandapani Subramanyeshwara, next to that is Sri Jyotirmaheshwara Swamy temple and reasonably a big hall called Girija Kalyana mantap.

The Devi’s idol is beautifully carved and a Sri Chakra is placed in front of goddess on the ground. The uniqueness of this Sri Chakra is the Beejaksharas or seed syllables etched on the Sri Chakra. That is the reason for the temple being believed to be highly powerful and the Goddess is known for fulfilling the wishes of her devotees in a second. Hence the the Devi is called Kshanamba. Just about 4 kms from this temple on the opposite direction is Nimishamba Devi temple who is believed to grant boons in a minute.

Kshanambika Devi temple is quite ancient and Acharya Adi Shankara is said to have consecrated Sri Chakra in this temple (6th century AD). Later Dalawayi (Commander in chief) of Wodeyar dynasty named Kalale Nanjaraja of early 18th century had built the super structure. Hence Kalale Nanjaraja and his wife’s images are etched on one of the pillar of the temple.

There is also a beautiful statue of Gayatri Devi placed in front of Subramanyeshwara shrine.

Later in due course of time, the temple went into oblivion for couple of centuries and was obscured by thick growth of vegetation. Only 50 years ago, the temple’s existence came to light and only from past 10 years it is getting renovated and even to this day, it needs further renovation.

Opposite to the Devi temple, Lord Ganesha’s idol is kept along with Lord Subramanya and his consorts.

The temple has a wide avarana (enclosure) for circumambulation. The path needs clearing of weeds and mounds of earth, so that one can circumambulate comfortably. However the past glory of this powerful temple can be visualized just by going around the temple and enjoy the architecture of this holy place.

Slowly day by day the temple is gaining popularity and people are flocking to this temple to get their wishes fulfilled in a second as the name of the goddess indicates. The Kshanambika Devi Temple is worth visiting as the temple environs are really peaceful in spite of its location on a busy street of the town.

Coordinates: 12°25’19” N 76°41’14” E