Devavrinda Prasanna Rameshwara an ancient temple located in Mudigere Taluk, Chikkamagalur District, Karnataka. It is about 25 kms from Mudigere.

According to the sthala purana, Sri Rama during his 12 years of Aranya vaasa, believed to have got fascinated by the beauty of this place and decided to stay here for some time. Gods and Goddesses after learning about Rama staying in this place, they descended down to be with him. Hence the name- Devavrinda meaning conglomeration of gods.

Sages like Kapila and Parushurama believed to have performed penances here. When Parushurama was doing penance here, he saw a cow pouring out the milk on an ant hill. Being curious to know what contained inside, Parashurama dug open the anthill. During the process of digging, a Shiva lingam, which was embedded in the soil got injured and started bleeding. Apparently Parashurama got panicked and started a deep penance on Lord Shiva. Pleased by his penance, Shiva appeared, blessed Parashurama and told him to apply sandal paste on the broken part of Lingam. Religiously Parashurama applied sandal paste on the Lingam which immediately turned black and got blended. So even to this day sandal paste is given to the devotees which is called as Vajraprasadam. It is believed that the said Vajraprasadam is known to protect the individual from all the ill effects. 
As per the inscriptions, the first Kadamba king, was responsible for building this temple in 1st century AD. Later Hoysalas and Kings of Vijayanagar improved it. 
There are Shrines for Veerabhadra, Ganapathy, Parvathi and Chennakeshava within the premises of the temple. 
The temple is getting renovated now by the temple management.