Rudreshwar temple is located in North Guwahati, on the Northern bank of Brahmaputra river. Ferries and Motor boat services are available from Fancy bazaar to this point. 

After alighting from boat one has to walk up for a kilometer to reach the temple. But there is a sign board adjacent to the steps leading to the temple and next to the boating point. 

This temple was built by Ahom King Pramata Singha (1744-1751) in memory of his father Rudra Singha, who died in 1714. The temple is located at the place where the king was cremated. 

It is a temple with not much grandeur but with esoteric carvings on its wall. The temple has a Shiva lingam situated about 10 feet below, which appears like a small cave. The whole atmosphere is serene and wonderful.