Someshwar temple is a very old Shiva temple. Someshwar is about 12 kms from Kausani and 35 kms from Dwarahat. Its main entrance is very inconspicuous and one is liable to miss it easily. So after crossing mall area of Someshwar town, one has to start looking for a small board amidst old shops. From a old board depicting the entry to the temple, one has to walk about 100 meters on a narrow path to reach the temple. 

The main temple has a Shiva Linga and has idols of Brahma, Ganesha and Lakulesha placed at the back of Shiva Linga. This Temple was built by ruler Lakshmi Chand in 1602 but the idols which are kept in the temple belongs to 7th – 16th century.

Besides these idols, there are several sculptures of deities placed outside open to sky without any shelter. 

The authorities have to open their eyes towards the maintenance of this ancient temple.