Ugra Tara temple is located in Uzan bazaar of east Guwahati. The temple was built by Ahom king Siva Singha in 1725 AD. 
There is no idol in the sanctum. A small pit with water is considered as goddess Tara. Sati devi’s navel is believed to have fallen here and hence this temple is considered to be a Shakti peeta. There is a Shiva temple beside Ugra Tara shrine.

Long ago Yama the lord of Death complained to Lord Brahma that nobody is coming to hell from Kamarupa (present Kamakhya) in spite of committing sins because of sacredness of this area. Brahma told Vishnu, who in turn told Shiva about this. Then Shiva ordered goddess Ugra Tara to drive away all the people from Kamarupa. When Ugra Taara started driving away people, they laid their hands on Rishi Vashista, who was meditating there. He got disturbed and became furious. So he cursed Ugra Tara and Shiva that they should not get Vedic worship. Hence they are worshipped in Tantric or Vamachara way in this temple.