Lingaraj temple is the biggest and most popular temple of Bhubaneswar. It is a temple complex having Bhagavathi temple and other minor deities in it. The central shikar is 180 feet tall and represents Kalinga architecture. It was built in 11th century AD by Kings of Somavamshi dynasty and wasfollowed by Ganga rulers. Mukteshwar temple is considered as gem of Orissa architecture dating back to 10 century AD built by Somavamshi dynasty. Temple has a well known as Marichi Kund and believed to cure infertility.

Siddeswar temple is adjacent to Mukteshwar temple. This was also built in 10th century AD. It is known for its architectural marvel. This temple has a unique Ganesha idol in standing posture.

Kedar Gowri temple is situated just behind Mukteshwar temple. It is dedicated to Lord Shiva (Kedareshwara) and Gowri ( Kedargauri). It is one among astasambhu (eight) temples of Bhubaneswar

Parashurameshvara Temple is one of the oldest temples built around 650CE. It is considered as a Shakta temple as it has deities of Sapta Matrikas.

Rameshwar temple is also an old temple and is called Mausi Maa temple meaning aunt. It is considered as aunt of Lingaraj.

The temples of Lakshmaneshwar, Bharateshwar and Shatrugneshwar are right in front of Rameshwara temple. All the three temples are in a row. They are also equally old and neatly maintained.

Bhaskereshwar temple is also an old temple. Its lingam is very long. It originates from ground floor and extends up to first floor of the temple.

Brahmeshwar temple is also an old temple dating back to 9th century AD. Temple is known for richly carved walls and interiors.

Vital Deol temple is quite an old temple dating back to 8th century AD. Temple is dedicated to Chamunda. It is a shakta temple.

Raja Rani temple belongs to 11th century AD. Originally it was known as Indreswara temple. Now there is no Idol in the temple.

Mageshwar temple is also an old temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. The walls of the temple is carved and temple is neatly maintained.

Chowsat yogini temple is about 16 kms from Bhubaneswar in a village called Hirapur. It is a tantric temple and has no roof. It is believed that these yoginis fly out every night.