– By Dr. A Pranesh

Prasanna Meenakshi Temple Entrance

The ancient Someshwara and Prasanna Meenakshi temple is about 120 kms from Bangalore. One has to take Bangalore – Chamarajanagar route and after crossing the junction of Shivanasamudra, one has to continue in the same high way towards Chamarajanagar. Cross the bridge enroute, to Sathegala hand post junction, where one has to take left which leads Bharachukki falls. After driving 3 kms in Bharachukki falls road, we get Ranganatha temple which is also called madhya Ranga. From here Prasanna Meenakshi temple is about 2 kms on the same road.

The temple is in Shivanasamudra, Kollegal Taluk, Karnataka. It was built in 12th century and is a combination of Chola and Hoysala architecture.

Someshwara temple is in octogonal shape and is built in early Chola style. An inscription in the sanctum sanctorum is in Tamil and dates back to 12th-13th century. Another inscription depicts a Hoysala king Virabhalladeva of 12th-13th century.

 Someshwara & Prasanna Meenakshi Temples

There is a spacious hall called Navaranga with cylindrical pillars in Someshwara temple. To the left of Sanctum is the idol of Dandapani Subramanya and to the right is Ganesha. The entrance to sanctum has Dwarapalakas.

 Prasanna Meenakshi Temple, Shivanasamudra

To the left of Someshwara temple is the Sanctum of goddess Prasanna Meenakshi. The main temple has features of Chola architecture. There is a Sri Chakra believed to be installed by Sri Shankaracharya, in front of Devi’s idol. The mukha mantapa of the shrine has many pillars having Vijayanagar style, probably installed later.

 Dakshina Murthy

Behind the temple, there is a small rectangular structure having five Shiva lingas in a row, but each one in different shape and size.

Pancha Lingas

There is a small shrine at south, for Dakshina Murthy and also has a shrine for Chandikeshwara.

The whole temple is in peaceful location and is worth visiting.